Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Unbloggables.

So, I'm struggling. Have had several interesting encounters with the menfolk in past weeks, but somehow feel that I'd be wrong to blog them.


What makes someone, or some incident, unbloggable?

It certainly ain't a matter of ratings...I've blogged R rated and worse.

Is it a matter of...emotional attachment? Or that I care if they read it, and feel betrayed, that I've shared something that was meant to be secret, between us? Or that I'm afraid there was nothing romantic in the encounter for them, and that if I blog it I'm showing my hand, so to speak, showing that I felt that there definitely was something romantic about it, for me? And somehow make myself vulnerable?

Le sigh.

I'm supposed to be hell on high heels. Why do I feel like the men are doing all the walking?

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