Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Adventures of Tall & Short

On Saturday night I attended a very spiffy black tie event, for which I cracked out my very tiny gold sequined dress and my shiniest black patent leather high heels.  My friends and I, after a long night of canapes and cocktails, found ourselves dancing at a club, along with several of my colleagues, including the office's new interns.  Fuelled with vodka and confidence, I felt it was my duty to take advantage of the situation and assert my seniority over two particularly cute interns.

"Which one should I go for," I remember shouting over the music to a friend.  I was squinty-eyed with drink at this point.  "The Tall One," she shouted back.  Thus, the interns were christened Tall & Short.  

Luckily I got too drunk to do much more than criticize Short's shoes and do a lil' dirty dancing with Tall.  The night ended alone, at home, thank god.  

However, on Monday morning, I got an email from Short:  

Subject: Hey

Some of us are organizing a boat cruise this weekend.  Five hours or so, we'll have some drinks, listen to some music, enjoy the sunshine.  You in?

Re: Hey

Sure, that sounds good, I'd definitely be into that?  Who's coming?

Re: Re: Hey

Um, so far it's me, you, and Tall.

Re: Re: Re: Hey

Um, actually, I think I'm busy this weekend.

I mean, I'm up for alot of things, but on a boat, alone, for several hours, with Tall AND Short, who both clearly read the very obvious "I'm easy AND drunk" signs on Saturday night? I just don't think it looks or sounds good.  Although Ginger, who is RCC's new roommate, remarked, without batting an eyelash:

 "Well, I won't be home late that night, so feel free to bring both of them home."

That might be a little more seniority than I'm willing to exert.

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