Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Flip Out

A few weeks ago a friend of a friend (FoF) contacted me on Facebook.

"I think you're supercute," he wrote. "Let's chat."

So, we chatted. It was very very early in the morning - I'm an insomniac so this wasn't an unusual occurrence for me. I wasn't sure I was interested in him, but hey, it was something to do, since I wasn't sleeping.

FoF was very flirtatious right away.

"Oh, I think I only live about three blocks away from you," he hinted. "Very close if you wanted to hang out." It was 4 a.m. or so. I ignored the veiled way he was inviting himself over and continued blithely chatting about this and that. After about 15 minutes, FoF asked for my phone number, and I gave it to him, figuring he would text or call the next day to make a date. Wrong. He texted within SECONDS of receiving my number. "Wow," I thought. "This guy is really into me." I didn't know him that well - at all, really - but I was flattered by the attention and thought he'd be worth meeting for a drink.

The next day I got several sweet texts. And, later that night, another comment, after I mentioned I'd be at work until later in the evening: "I could be a late night dinner-and-massage delivery service." Again, with the invitation over? I ignored the hint again and suggested we touch base in a few days to discuss meeting for coffee ("How about LUNCH?" he replied) over the weekend.

The very next evening - more texts. FoF ignored my "IN A COUPLE OF DAYS" proviso about keeping in touch. "What are you doing right now," he texted.

"Working," I replied, "So I have the weekend free to hang out with friends, and to meet up with you."

"Are you working from home? Maybe you should take a break...with me."

Again with the hints at an invitation over?

My reply:

"Well, I'm working tonight, as I told you. And I don't really invite people over who I haven't gotten to know."

FoF was instantly on the defensive.

"I didn't ask to come over. I just said you should take a break."


"Well, you have hinted a few times about coming over, so it was an honest mistake on my part. Sorry."


"No problem."


"So, when would you like to do lunch or coffee this weekend?"


"No thanks. I'll pass."

My mouth dropped open. "Douche!" I breathed, as I texted back. "OK."

DOUCHE! Seriously? You pursue ME, and when I call you out for getting a little too eager, and veering into creepy-land, you flip out at ME? And I didn't invite YOU out for coffee/LUNCH. Ooooh, I was angry. I immediately deleted him from my phone. I contemplated deleting him from Facebook but decided against it - I didn't want him to think his antics had gotten to me (although they had).

A few days later, a text from an unknown phone number:

"I'm sorry I was crabby with you."

Looking back in my text history to find out who it was, I realized it was FoF.

Needless to say, I didn't reply. I don't need to date someone who's more of a drama queen than I am.

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