Thursday, March 8, 2012

Track Pants and Glasses.

Apparently this is what the men of Raincity find attractive.

A few weekends ago, I was having a quiet night at a local cafe with a girlfriend. I was wearing my yoga pants, a City & Colour t-shirt, and my glasses. As we were headed home, I got a text message from another girlfriend that she was sitting alone at a local bar, and to come and keep her company. I was reluctant, but she persisted, so I agreed to join her for a glass of wine and a catch-up. I didn't bother to change - I wasn't there to impress or pick up anyone.

And yet - apparently I did impress. And boy, did I pick up! Within 5 minutes of me sitting down, my girlfriend and I were sent drinks by a couple of men across the bar. This happened AGAIN, with another few guys. I couldn't figure it out - were we the only women in the bar?! I looked around. Nope. We definitely weren't.

A very hot (and young) guy approached me.

"Cute glasses," he said approvingly, pulling up a seat next to me at the bar. "What are you drinking?"

We started talking about wine. It turned out he was a sommelier, working for a very popular restaurant here in Raincity. We talked about our love of champagne; I teased him about liking rose wines - "Real men don't drink pink," I teased him.

"Oh, I'm a real man," he assured me, seriously. "I can prove it."

And later on he did - did he ever.

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