Sunday, April 20, 2014

Am I Being Played?

The other night I got a message from what I can only assume is a burner POF account.  It features two pictures of a model-worthy man, both professional shots.  In both he's topless to show off his ripped physique.  Candid shots, in one he is sitting, bronzed and beautiful on a beach, working on - I dunno, a ship model of some kind?  In the second, a black and white shot, he's putting a shirt on.  Like, these are serious model shots.  And there's no writing in the profile - only, "Under construction."  I feel like the photos were ripped from Google Images or something, not someone's candid shots.

Anyway, I got a message from him that said:

"You should meet a friend of mine that is here with me. :)
  He liked your profile, but he doesn't online date. 
 He is the perfect mix of what you are looking for, his number is…"

I stared at the email for a while, and then replied,

"What?! This isn't a real thing, is it?!"

He replied:

"LOL!  It's a real deal and thing! :)  Why not?  His name is Ben."

I replied,

"Well, if Ben wants to speak for himself, he can text me.  Here's my number."

About an hour later, I get a text from an unfamiliar number.

"Hey, this is Ben.  My friend talked to you on POF, right?"


"Yeah, he did!  I thought it was a set up."


"I guess I'm supposed to send you a photo."

…and then texts me a photo of a super handsome dude in a suit  Definitely NOT a model shot but handsome as all get-out.

This does absolutely nothing to allay my fears that this is some weird kind of practical joke or set-up.

Anyway, this "Ben," texted me a few more times that night.   And we've exchanged a few texts, which have given me a general idea of this guy, in terms of where he lives and what he does, but no specifics that I can, say, verify using the handy Internets.  

He wants to meet up next week for a date.  I am still convinced this is going to backfire in some way that will be hilarious to everyone but me.  When did I get so gun-shy?

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